Testing & Inspection

The Electricity at Work Regulations (1989) state that testing and maintaining any electrical installations or appliances is the responsibility of owner of the property. This covers domestic, commercial and industrial properties.

There are lots of different areas within a building that require testing, from the electrical infrastructure, right down to your plugged in portable appliances.

Electrical Installation

On completion of all projects an Electrical Installation Certificate or a Minor Works Electrical Certificate is issued - depending on the size of the installation carried out. All testing is carried out to BS7671 Regulations.

Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)

An Electrical Installation Condition Report is used to assess the integrity of an existing electrical installation, whether it be a domestic, commercial or industrial installation. These reports must be carried out at varying intervals depending on the type of installation, and the nature of use of the property.

Emergency Lighting Installation
& Periodic Inspection

Emergency Lighting must be tested frequently to ensure the satisfactory operation of circuits, and their ability to operate as designed.

Fire Alarms

We offer Fire Alarm Installation Testing, as well as Periodic Inspections for a wide range of addressable, analogue and zonal systems.