Security Systems

Installing a security system to your premises will not only keep you safe, and give you peace of mind, but will also help reduce insurance premiums. Security systems can be made to cover a whole range of applications

Access Control

Access control enables you to limit access to your premises through the use of key-codes, tokens or cards. If your chosen access method is forgotten, or lost, it is a simple process to remove it from the system, and add a new one in its place.

We are able to design, install and provide maintenance for systems ranging from single door entrances, to site-wide tiered access systems.

Access Control helps to provide 24 hour protection for your staff, visitors and property.

Intruder Detection

Intruder Detection Burglar Alarms keep you safe and secure from any unwanted intruders.Different types of Burglar Alarm Systems can range from basic (Bellbox) alarms to monitored and wireless alarms. All of which can incorporate access control, allowing you to monitor individual access events detected by the system.


We design, install, and maintain specialist CCTV solutions for industrial, commercial and domestic properties. These systems include IP CCTV, High Definition Cameras, Remote Monitoring, Wireless CCTV.