Fire Alarm Systems

PRS offer all types of Fire Alarm Installations, including Addressable, Wireless and conventional 'Zoned' systems. All our installations will conform to either BS5839-1 2013, for non-domestic premises, or BS5389-6 for domestic properties.

A C-Tec Addressable Fire Alarm Panel

Addressable Analogue Systems

Addressable systems are designed for high accuracy reporting of any events detected by the system. Each sensor linked into the system is unique, which means when a sensor is tripped the system reports exactly where the problem is, to the exact area. This makes addressable systems the perfect choice for large premises, or where fast response times are a must. Addressable systems are also 'smart' systems - each sensor on the system will report itself if it detects a fault, or if it is in need of maintenance, so that you can be confident in the knowledge that your fire system is keeping you safe at all times.

Wireless Systems

Wireless systems offer the advantages of addressable systems (High Accuracy, Self Reporting etc.), but without the risk of damage and disruption that a wired system could potentially cause. This makes a wireless system highly suited for deployment in sensitive locations, such as busy working environments and listed buildings.

Zone Fire Alarm Circuit Diagram

Conventional Analogue Systems

Analogue systems differ from Addressable systems only in terms of accuracy and reliability. Analogue systems are wired in zones, if a detector in a zone is triggered then the entire zone is flagged, or if a cable becomes damaged it will cause a fault. With an addressable system, the detectors are wired in a ring, meaning a signal can travel both ways.